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My Clients

I have a successful global track record over 12 years of guiding all sorts of careers and lives including competitive athletes, public figures, heads states , actors, musicians, heads of companies. I also advise on business concepts, branding and starts ups.
Most importantly I love working with anyone who is open to living an empowering, progressive life.


Over the last 12 years, I have been fortunate to help thousands and witness the remarkable shifts my clients have made in their lives, from releasing imprisoning mindsets to engaging in new careers, embarking on new business ventures and just being at peace with themselves. My passion is for everyone to be free of their mind traps and to live progressively.

Online/Remote Sessions

I work with clients from all over the world through Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp and FB Messenger. I also offer face to face sessions depending on which country or city, I will be visiting.


I consult on numerous sensitive issues and deal with public figures, so please be assured you are safe with me and that confidentiality is of the utmost importance no matter what the situation. I have been checked and verified as an ethical psychic medium and placed in the Best Psychic Directory.


As I am so passionate about making a difference across the world, I donate my time to organizations that support suicide prevention, protection of women and children and environment. I donate my time to parents who have lost children and  I assist law enforcement and location of missing persons.

My Method

My method is different to the main stream idea of what a psychic medium does. I am not a fortune teller however, I am predictive. See my testimonials to gain a better understanding of what I do.
A session with me will lead you on to the path of clarity including releasing imprisoning thoughts, painful emotions and situations that have held you back.
I love questions – bring them along. I ask you to take time to consider what you want to achieve from a session before you book with me as I won’t be able to help otherwise.
I get to the core of an issue and the influences surrounding you in order to guide you to where you are heading in relationship to your circumstances.
I am practical and grounded in my approach. By applying my abilities, I can help you make the best decisions to support you in what you need to look out for and prepare for, so you are in the best possible position of clarity and opportunity.
I am direct and compassionate and positive in my sessions. I will tell you what you are meant to hear for your highest good and will always will leave you in a better place after a session.

Omar Kahn

Omar is a successful International psychic medium, motivational speaker and writer based in New York.

His approach is to provide practical and emotional clarity and direction; to look outside the box and beyond what you know to empower you to see what is possible, allowing you to take that leap of faith and create the change you want. He is strongly empathetic, deeply insightful and is completely committed to his calling in life. As hundreds of testimonials reveal, Omar can shift you to see the positives as being the most powerful force to overcome any challenge you may face in your life.

Established Psychic Medium

I have hundreds testimonials from all over the world and have worked with law enforcement agencies since 2008.

Best Psychic Reading Online Omar Kahn Medium

Best Psychic Directory

I am placed in the best psychic directory as a verified and legitimate psychic medium.

Psychic Reading Online Omar Kahn New York

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

Center in New York

I was also tested verified, accepted as the resident psychic medium at the very respected Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) Center in New York City (Est 1932.)

Elle Australia Omar Kahn Medium Mindset Coach

ELLE Australia

"Psychics we love"

I have been featured in several international magazines.

Certified Trainer - Mindset Coach

I am trained in conflict & negotiation methods and also trained by “Lifeline“, a charity phone helpline organization, working with people in immediate desperate situations. I have also completed law enforcement courses that work with behavior triggers.
This, coupled with my ability as a Psychic Medium help me to get to the core of people’s psychological processes and the dynamics between work, business decisions, family and relationships.
Given the fact I have been through my own tragic losses, experienced much tragedy in my life  and have overcome many life challenges, I have gained a deep understanding of life experiences. ( see “About Me” ) I have a successful track record over a decade helping people’s businesses and careers turn around. Nothing is too much for me hear or deal with.
New York Times Omar Kahn Psychic Medium

Psychic Mediums Are the New Wellness Coaches

A woo-woo profession is getting a boost from the wellness industrial complex. Seems … intuitive.

… an Article by Lisa Held , March 19, 2019