About Me

I was born and raised in Australia. My abilities were realized from the age of six years. I could hear, see and talk to people who had passed. I was a quiet and shy child and never shared my abilities with anyone to anyone. I struggled to understand it and suppressed it as much as I could in my younger years.

I experienced the loss of a few family members tragically at a young age and faced many tough life challenges by age 17. Now looking back on those experiences, I know they laid the foundation for a journey of an extraordinary life, one that gave me the skills and life experience to help others.

I worked successfully as a covert field investigator for 20 years working on assignments across Asia and the subcontinent. My work required me to make quick and serious decisions at a moment’s notice. I learned to trust my inner voice over time. Through my work, I developed an unquestionable connection to my abilities.

As a covert investigator, these abilities kept me out of harm’s way; I just knew to trust my intuition on how to maneuver around  dangerous situations. I was able to profile people accurately, develop strategies, and predict actions and outcomes when I was working on covert operations.

In fact, I was accused of having psychic abilities more than once by my peers because of my uncanny ability to just know outcomes they never knew. I left my vocation in 2011 as I became known for my abilities. Life changed rapidly ending many parts of my life.

I ended up on the “Island of Gods” – Bali after experiencing a few losses, including losing a teenage daughter. I surrendered to a new life of recovery and change. It was the magic of Bali that opened the pathway for me to help people deal with grief, loss, and confusion.

Over 5 years living in Bali I read for people in all sorts of situations from all over the world. It was a humbling time. I understood much more about myself and helped many people as a result of my own wounds. I felt I had finally found my purpose. I studied and practiced spirituality, compassion and meditation on this magical island. I learned to give equal attention to practicality and spirituality in my daily living and that balance allowed me to provide solid grounded guidance and readings to others to make a real difference in their lives. My life in Bali was magical and life-changing and I am forever grateful.

“Mother Bali” as i called her launched me into the world to begin the journey of sharing my skills beginning with New York City.  In no time I was reading for public figures and celebrities across the states. I was invited to do workshops, radio and charity events thus gaining a loyal client base across the world. However, the best part of all of this was the opportunity to reach across the world helping parents who had lost children and those who served in the armed forces.

I am passionate about making a difference. I donate my time for organizations that support suicide prevention, protection of women and children, and the environment. I donate my time to parents who have lost children, I assist law enforcement and the location of missing persons. I am based between the United States, Australia, and South East Asia, however I travel worldwide conducting readings, workshops on empowerment, practical spirituality, health happiness, mindsets and manifestation.

"Omar you are not only a medium, but an amazing and insightful psychic.within minutes my breath was taken away. You nailed my past and freed me of the demons. I was able to let go of the ashes of my loved one, (I’ve had them for 2 years). You helped me so much with your positive insights and energy. Your guidance and advice has removed the dark spot in my heart. I am forever grateful to you for pointing me in the positive direction of life! Your inspirational quotes make my day. All the best to the best!"

Brena - New York City

" Before I met Omar, I had anxiety, depression and panic disorder , I suffered a significant loss of someone I loved dearly and had been suppressing that pain for over ten years. After my first reading with Omar I felt like a new person and a weight was lifted off of my shoulders told me things I've never told anyone. I don't know what I would do without this man. He tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I'm so grateful for him and the peace he has brought me."

Nicole Williams - New Jersey

" I am just reflecting on our conversation yesterday, Omar, and just want to tell you how blessed if feel to have meet you. You have helped me understand the people I love the most and also have made me feel more confident in myself. That is a true gift and am very thankful.thank god for that as I can imagine you have helped people that are more in need and have made great life changes for them. God bless you."

Helen – Sydney Australia