How do I prepare for a session ?

First and foremost you have to be clear about your reason for booking a session with me. If you are hoping for me to tell you about your “future” or provide you with a general reading, then I am not the right fit for you.

Please be present, with an open mind and heart, and allow yourself to go beyond what you know and what is possible.

I have laid out scenarios to clients that were so far beyond their thinking and ability of achieving it and yet it all happened.  So please don’t dismiss what’s being said immediately things do come to light over a period of time.

Your state of mind and clarity influences how accurate a reading will be. It really helps with a connective flow in a session when you are relaxed and open much more comes through.

Please bring along questions/photographs that have a direct influence on you, I will not provide information about a person or a situation that has no direct influence upon you. No ethical person in my field provides such a service .

If you are a new client you will receive an email to help you prepare for your session.  It also helps to determine if I am the right fit for you.


I have had Skype clients since 2012,  some of whom I have never met face-to-face . I use Skype, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. There is no difference between a face-to-face and a Skype/FaceTime readings. In many respects these readings can be more effective because clients are more relaxed in their own environment. I am not distracted by body language and emotional reactions the more relaxed the client, the more effective the reading will be.

Can I book only a mediumship reading ?

I deeply understand the grief and heartache of losing loved ones. I have had the privilege of connecting thousands of clients to their loved ones over the last 12 years. However, no real medium can guarantee a connection to a specific person in spirit.
As such I don’t do outright mediumship readings for people, unless it’s related to parents who have lost children. However, generally speaking, a loved one will send through a message during a session. You can request that you are hoping for a connection to a loved one though there is no guarantee.

Do I need to bring anything with me ?

Just an open mind and heart along with any photos of people that are directly connected to you. These can be on your smart phone.

Can I bring someone else to be with me for my reading ?

“NO” I do “one-on-one sessions” that includes online/remote readings. I ask that no one be in the room with you as you will not get the best out of a session. I will be picking up on the other person and the reading could be all about them or something very personal also may inadvertently be conveyed.

Do you see couples and young adults ?

Yes for mediation and counseling sessions for couples, and young adults. I ask that couples are both willing, open participants to a session.  Young adults must go through a parent to book a session.

What happens if the session isn’t flowing ?

It is rare that I don’t connect to a client and the information not be relevant. If that were to occur I won’t waste your time – I would stop the reading and tell you that maybe I am not the right person for you and refund your money. I would never leave a client unsettled and confused.

Is the future determined ?

No psychic can lay claim to a solid outcome of any future.  Everything is always in a state of flux and you have free will in your decisions and can change the direction of things.  From my experience I have seen situations come to pass over a period of time that can be weeks, months or a year sometimes even within 24 hours.  Please check my testimonials to gauge how I work and the outcomes clients have experienced.

Why do you have a disclaimer ?

I am required by law. We live in a world where some people take no responsibility for their own actions and blame everyone else for things they have done.  Luckily I have never had the experience of  someone mishandling the information they receive in a reading. However  as with many businesses a disclaimer is helpful for setting boundaries.